Dr. Joyce C. Mills

Sometimes gifts come wrapped in the most unlikely packages. Yesterday the gift I received was in a blog sent to me by Betty Liedtke, one of the forty Fearless Women®, whose story appears in the phenomenal  new book by Mary Ann Halpin, Fearless Women: Fearless Wisdom.

The generous and courageous way she shared her story carries with it an inspirational message about the real meaning of the word “serendipity,” discovering unsought rewards.  I share these rewards with each of you with gracious permission from Betty, and with the hope that you will also receive a  gift of Wisdom from this Fearless Woman.

Thank you Betty, and fearless women everywhere.

Betty Liedtke

My Dear Fearless Sisters,

After returning from the conference in Dallas, I gave a speech at my Toastmasters club, entitled “Fearless Women, Fearless Wisdom.” Basically, I presented my story and wisdom from the book, with a little extra commentary on what I’ve discovered about being fearless (that it doesn’t mean you’re never afraid, it means you never let that stop you). A guest at the meeting that day wrote me a note saying how inspired she was by my speech, and asking to talk to me after the meeting.

The woman is from Uganda, and has embarked on a mission to help women and children in Uganda to, basically, find their fearless. Those weren’t the words she used, but that’s precisely the plan! She asked me more about Dream Coaching, and then said she wants to hire me and work with me. She also bought a copy of the Fearless book! :>

We exchanged a few emails during the week, and after the next meeting she told me that she had shown the book to three of her friends, and had told them about me. They all wanted to sign up for Dream Coaching, too!

I’ve been certified for individual Dream Coaching since last July, but as of this past April I am also certified for Group Coaching. So as soon as I get back from the Toastmasters International Convention (which I am leaving for in about half an hour, and where I plan to do more Fearless talking :>), I am going to start coaching this beautiful group of four women, at least one of whom is going to change the world through the dream and mission I already know she has!

I know we’re all busy preparing for our Fearless Women Day events, but I thought you might enjoy hearing about this exciting and inspiring new opportunity that came about as a direct result of being in the Fearless Women book.

I hope all of you will be sharing your stories of success, satisfaction, and enrichment (personal and professional) that come about as a result of being in the Fearless Women, Fearless Wisdom book. Perhaps they will inspire our sequel? :>

Wishing you success always in all of your fearless endeavors,


Betty Liedtke,
Author, Speaker, Certified Dream Coach®
One of 40 female entrepreneurs featured in the new book
Fearless Women, Fearless Wisdom by Mary Ann Halpin

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Sword of Faith

A few hours ago, while in an email dialogue with  Linda Michaels, our eWomen Network Managing Director, about our upcoming event honoring Fearless Women’s Day on August 26th, the doorbell rang and my doggies went crazy. A huge package was waiting for me.  Barely able to carry it in the house, I hoisted the long heavy carton on our dining room table and carefully opened it. Inside was another box with the words Mary Ann Halpin Photography and the image of  a Sword. Not just an ordinary sword, but one exactly like the Sword of  Fearlessness used by all of her clients who appear in her Fearless Women’s books www.maryannhalpin.com

When I unsheathed my new Sword, I saw the words “Fearless Butterfly Woman” engraved on the blade. Tears welled in my eyes as I lifted it and held it close to my heart.  You see, last year had been one of enormous struggle. in which I had to confront my mortality.   Towards it’s end, Mary Ann called and asked if I’d be a co-editor and story contributor for her new book: Fearless Woman, Fearless Wisdom.  Her request was like a message from the angels.  I accepted and now with the book released, all of the 40 women involved have been on a path of honored celebration. 

For me, the Sword does not only symbolize Fearlessness, because I don’t know that I am without fear. Matter of fact, I face fear just like so many of us do each and every day. What I do know is that this Sword symbolizes the power of Faith to confront the fears that arise in my life each and every day with courage, love, and determination.

Fearless Flyer w-photo

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May 15th the adventure began. Joy Rigberg (joy@consciousjoycoaching) and I were off to Marrakech Morocco to teach at the 2010 International Play Therapy World Congress. www.playtherapy.org.uk/.   After boarding British Airlines in Phoenix, we landed in London, transferred to Royal Air Morac and took off for Marrakech, landing in Casablanca first, with instructions to stay on the plane and continue on. That didn’t happen. The flight was cancelled and ten hours later we arrived by bus in Marrakesh. In good humor, I kept saying that I knew this was an adventure.  As the metaphor queen, I knew there was a story in all of this somewhere.

With little sleep I went to the Palais des Congress where the World Congress was being held.   I was greeted by Monika Jepkott, President of Play Therapy International (PTI) with a gift of a Moroccan drum and warm hugs. I told her I was surprised to see such a low participant count, knowing that distinguished presenters were coming from all over the world.   I knew she’d tell me when the time was right. That night was a Gala dinner with music and the finest of food and joyful celebration.  

After the Gala I learned more. It seems Monika and PTI were promised support from such agencies as UNICEF and Play Therapy Africa. But something went wrong and these groups did not follow through with their initial commitment. Monika had been hoping to bring healing and educational support through Play Therapy to the children in Ethiopia. She had traveled with her husband Jeff to far reaching regions, witnessing what was called “Child Friendly” schools and programs, only to see for herself they were anything but. Monika cried as she recounted what she saw. Joy and I listened with rapt attention to what she thought she’d find and to what she actually found.   I’ve known Monika and Jeff since 1999 and only knew them and their work to be dedicated to training professionals who work with children through Play Therapy world-wide.   Joy and I felt compelled to share a bit of this story in some way. Others would be able to find out more if they so desired.

My workshop began on Wednesday, May 19th titled “Inspiring Children to Soar: Planting the Seeds and Reaping the Harvest.”  On Thursday Joy taught my model of StoryPlay in the Classroom, which she had been studying and brilliantly implementing as an Educational Coach for two years.  May 20th-24th I taught a four-day intensive titled “StoryPlay for Developing Emotinal Literacy with Children.”  In the evenings, we headed out for the Medina, a marketplace filled with snake charmers, monkeys, shops, food, music, and crafts. We played, bargained, and laughed.

One of the Story-Crafts we use in our training is what I call “Creating Your Pathway to Success Map.” In it participants are asked to create their goal, obstacles, and resources to overcome obstacles and reach success. As I think about it, from the beginning, this trip was what I call a “Living Metaphor,” showing  that in life we make plans to reach a particular destination. But as it is in all of life, they are just plans. Along the way we encounter obstacles in one form or another.  However, success comes from harnessing our inner resources with the determination of our spirit to overcome the obstacles and reach our destination.

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  • Carl Hammerschlag MD, transcultural psychiatrist, storyteller, healer.
  • Mona Polacca, Hopi/Tewa/Havasupai spiritual leader, healer, and one of the 13 International Indigenous Grandmothers. www
  • Claudia Weinspach, Diplo.Psy., improvisational therapist and healer, from Munster, Germany.


  • Franciscan Renewal Center, Phoenix Arizona, May 21-23, 2010

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Photographer Mary Ann Halpin gathered 40 extraordinary women
entrepreneurs to create the book, Fearless Women, Fearless Wisdom to be
released in June, 2010. I am so honored to be one of two co-editors
along with artist Gail Speckmann (www.gailspeckmann.com.) The portraits
and stories of these courageous women have transformed their
life-challenges into life-triumphs. (for more see:

Peggy Kinst is one of the amazing women in this book. Peggy shared the heart-doors that have already been opened. Mary Ann’s vision is global: she shares: Dedicated to contribution in the world, each woman in this book will use the opportunity as a vehicle to raise awareness and fundraiser for each of our causes and charities. Peggy is already doing just that

Peggy’s story:
“I feel so blessed as the doors keep opening in my quest to make my
“cause” known! I feel so sure that helping educate people about the
disease Ulcerative Colitis (UC), the surgical options available and the
support organizations like the Quality of Life Assn and the Crohn’s &
Colitis Foundation of America that I will be fundraising for and giving
proceeds to from my book sales, will “pay back” and “pay forward” the
honor I have to still be on this earth. There are so many I would like
to thank and show my gratitude to for saving my life and keeping me
from getting Cancer. This feels right and good!  The fact that we may
be able to share this fearless movement that Mary Ann Halpin has
created in the Fearless Women book and, through others help thousands
more, would be a dream come true. I only know that, in my heart, this
was where my life path was leading from the very beginning…and, Mary
Ann, you were my messenger and guide and persuader. Sometimes
blessings present themselves in mysterious ways. The book, Fearless
Women, Fearless Wisdom is a blessing ….Thank you, Mary Ann, for
helping us help others!

I have been sending emails to others asking directly to help me like
the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation…they have heard and responded with
joy and love! What an incredible experience. The verbiage I am using
is this….

Can you help us? I will be featured in a book by Mary Ann Halpin,
photographer, with 40 other fearless women, four from the Chicago
area…the book is called Fearless Women, Fearless Wisdom. It is a
pictorial that relates out stories…our “causes” to help women (all
people) become fearless in moving forward with courage even in the face
of challenges…to live our dreams! As a person who has a 42 year
experience with UC, my “cause” is to become a spokeswoman for
Ulcerative Colitis and donate to the Quality of Life Assn and the
Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation to help people understand the disease and,
for those that have the disease, to understand their options. The book
will be released nationally in June. I would appreciate any advice or
help you can give us…media, contacts, ideas..! Thank you. Blessings
come in mysterious ways! Help me live my dream of helping others!

The responses have been overwhelming!”

Sunny Regards, Peggy Kinst
MBTI Seminars, Emotional Matrix
Fearless Women, Fearless Wisdom Book